Introduction to Ragnarök

Welcome to the world of Ragnarök! We hope you’ll enjoy your stay here in our Realms.

Ragnarök is a growing realm set to a nordic/medieval/fantasy theme. The driver is a heavily modified and enhanced LPmud. (Or at least, it was “advanced” many years ago... there are plans afoot to upgrade the driver code in the near future.)

We have a decidedly silly and frivolous atmosphere and a “do-it-yourself” spirit. Our main focus is quality over quantity. You can look at almost everything here, and you’re encouraged to slow down, relax, enjoy the scenery and the small, cozy atmosphere. Silliness is always afoot in Ragnarök!

The players and wizards here are a fun and friendly group, and we mean to keep it that way. You don’t have to “conform”, but you do have to exercise good judgement. We won’t tolerate abusive or offensive players who clearly don’t appreciate our goals and ideals. Ragnarök is a place where you check your “real life” at the door and come to a comfortable environment to be with friends.

We encourage everyone to think about the person sitting behind the screen, someplace far away, with a life as complex and difficult as our own. In that light, endeavor to be just and kind. When angry or upset, if you wouldn’t do it or say it in someone’s physical presense, don’t do it or say it here. Players with disputes or clashes in personality are encouraged to seek a town sherriff, or someone higher up the chain of command (sherriff, archwizard, governor, lord/lady, god). Note the “demigods” are not in the loop to handle player or wizard disputes, unless they choose to do so on a case-by-case basis.

It is not our wish that anyone be asked or forced to leave here, and we will attempt to reach a fair and just conclusion if the situation calls for action of that kind.

One of our most unique and innovative features is our Magic Mapper. It tracks your position while you explore the world, and offers ways for you to view it graphically (not in the generic sense that a MUD client does by tracking your movement and guessing how the rooms connect—this is a real map which is as decorative and creative as the wizard who created the realm chose to be)! Type “help magicmap” for more information.

We pride ourselves on our unique and challenging quests. Swing by the Adventurer’s Guild for more info, and be sure to read the bulletin board there for news and updates. The newspaper in the Pub is regularly updated with news as well.

Other features of interest:

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